Why we need to stand up for consumer rights in today’s consumer world

Why we need to stand up for consumer rights in today’s consumer world

The protection of the consumer in the marketplace can be handled in many ways. There are consumer laws and consumer rights which must be followed by businesses when selling to the public and should be taken very serious.

These rights require companies to develop a set of guidelines dealing with pricing, fair trade, competition and the telling of information to the consumer. These laws were setup to help the customer.

consumer protectionIn the United States, the government has established several sectors under the Consumer Rights cloud related to things like Food, drug and cosmetic. This is just the tip of the iceberg though as the protection of consumer rights is a complicated, detailed process.

There are many reasons why consumer rights should be respected and taken very serious, here are a few reasons:


A customer who feels informed is a client who will have confidence in the buying process. They will feel comfortable in spending their hard-earned money on new businesses, local firms and new things.

A strategical setup policy on the selling process helps the consumer feel important educated and informed.


Competition is good for the economy and the consumer. If there is one shop in town selling item A, they can dictate consumer rightseverything surround that thing and those looking for it are at the mercy of the seller.

As the government polices consumer rights, it also may help the weaker businesses survive rather than be taken down by the big guy. They also make sure the big guys are following the rules.


There needs to be a quality standard. Particularly in industries like fresh food and restaurants, where consumers may not be around for the entire process, a law keeps things up to snuff. Food inspection agents will often visit restaurants and other places where food is prepared for inspections. If they fail, they could be shut down for a period, or maybe for good.

Without this law, who knows where the food industry would be today.


These consumer protection laws also offer a form of organization. There is protocol to follow, standards to meet and papers to fill out. By setting up a consumer rights act, everything was put in place, so everyone knows.

consumer laws and consumer rightsThis organizing can help both the consumer and the business.

If a consumer files a complaint about business, things can be played out like the legal system until a verdict has been reached.

The rights of the consumer are a grave matter that should not be taken lightly by any business, no matter what they do. Acting in an unsafe, untrue and fraudulent way can be bad news for the business involved and could lead to a criminal court if required.

Remember, as a consumer; you have rights. Learn more about your consumer rights through the local government or visit https://www.ftc.gov/about-ftc/bureaus-offices/bureau-consumer-protection!

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